"We bring together Buyers & Sellers of small to medium size businesses with value ranges of $25k to $5 Million"

Carey T. Hansen

ALL STAR Business Brokers was founded by Mr. Carey T. Hansen in March of 2015. The mission of ALL STAR Business Brokers is to help Buyers & Sellers of small to medium size businesses with value ranges of $25K  to $5 Million achieve all of their personal, professional, and financial goals during the entire buying and selling process.  Carey is a United States Marine Corp. Veteran that takes pride in his hard work, motivation, dedication and endless pursuit of being the best Business Broker he can be.  With extensive knowledge in the Financial, Business  and Real Estate Markets, Mr. Hansen brings years of experience and invaluable professional, financial and business advice to each & every one of his ALL STAR clients.   As a former Licensed Investment Banker for Morgan Stanley (lead underwriter for the Google and Facebook IPO's) and a holder of a Massachusetts Real Estate License for over 12 years. ALL STAR Business Brokers promises to deliver unparalleled research, top notch customer service, and undeniable positive results to each and every ALL STAR client that becomes part of our team. Mr. Carey T. Hansen and ALL STAR Business Brokers look forward to helping each and every one of you, today, tomorrow and into the next generation.